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The Smoothest Vodka on the Market Shaped like the CN Tower

We have found a vodka that exemplifies what it means to be Canadian from cherishing our multi diversity and cultural background to a bottle that represents one of Toronto’s most beautiful landmarks, the CN Tower. It is Canadian made and distilled six times to be the coolest and smoothest vodka you have ever tasted with a slight sweetness as it slides down your throat.

The bottle itself is a thing of beauty and has won awards to its design as the bright blue’s of winter’s gentle kiss is shown all across the bottle from winds to snowflakes, the design itself makes the vodka look luxurious, and cool to the touch as the slight white opaqueness brings a very chilled, icy feeling to it.

The vodka is probably the smoothest vodka we have ever tasted which makes it no wonder why the bottle is almost priced at $50 per 750 ml. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t overly warm the throat like a tequila, it rather leaves a nice taste in your mouth perfect for all those shot-loving taker who would not dare to have a vodka with anything but in a glass.

We do recommend though using this vodka to give your cocktail an extra kick as the mixture combines effortlessly to create a flavourful and bold drink instead of a too strong or weak one that can easily ruin other cocktails. Some of our favourites are

  • Moscow Mule
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Screwdriver
  • And Sea Breeze

Get your bottle at the LCBO and start creating cocktails that everyone will love!


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