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Toronto is getting a space-themed restaurant from couple behind popular food truck

A couple that skyrocketed to success with their own food project in Toronto are now opening their very own restaurant with a fun theme: space.

The couple behind Filipino fusion food truck The Hungry Moon are blasting off with their own physical restaurant opening at the end of the month. Wanting to expand their catering business into a physical space but unable to do so when lockdowns hit, the pair sunk their life savings into the truck.

Thankfully, the popularity of the truck exploded, with people going wild for their offerings like burgers at festivals across Ontario. They even discovered a new market at Vegandale Festival which inspired a vegan section of the restaurant menu.

Now, they’re able to open their own space-themed restaurant with interior design elements like craters, stars and glow-in-the-dark stickers, as well as a mural of the couple’s daughter (who named Hungry Moon) and dogs.

“This restaurant will let me let out my inner most creativity to create new dishes,” says Francisco. “It removes the restrictions you have on a food truck and gives me the opportunity to let my imagination run wild.”

“Meat-eor” sandwiches will come on moon-like fluffy brioche buns, and the menu’s vegan section has dishes like “The UFO” and the “Prawn Nebula.” 

“I was so excited to add a vegan section to the menu. As a vegetarian myself, it felt like the menu was missing something and Vegandale let us test out Chef Faye’s creations,” says Chris Threlked, who co-founded Hungry Moon with Faye Francisco.

In addition to the restaurant, The Hungry Moon will now also operate as a full-on catering service.

The space-themed restaurant at 4190 Kingston Rd. will have its grand opening on Nov. 27, with surprises like coupons and tastings in store.


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