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Toronto’s New Space-Themed Restaurant Has Moon Crater Walls & ‘Meat-eor’ Sandwiches

You can eat like an astronaut at this brand new restaurant coming to Toronto. The Hungry Moon is opening in Scarborough on November 27, and it will take you to outer space.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because The Hungry Moon first started as a food truck run by couple Chef Faye and ChrisThrelked after them pandemic left them without work. The vehicle has been parked at several festivals around Toronto including the Street Eats Market.

The Hungry Moon | Handout

Now, you’ll be able to visit a brick-and-motar location to enjoy some unique, Filipino Fusion dishes. The interior will make you feel like you’ve rocketed to another planet, from the moon crater walls to the glow-in-the-dark stars.

The menu features new and imaginative dishes such as the meat-eor sandwich which is served on a moon-shaped, coloured brioche bun.

The grand opening on November 27 will have coupons, tastings, and special surprises, so put on your moon boots and take a trip to another galaxy at this new spot.

The Hungry Moon

The Hungry Moon | Handout

Price: 💸

When: Opening November 27, 2021

Address: 4190 Kingston Rd., Scarborough, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can leave Earth behind at this new restaurant, which has a space-themed interior and unique, Filipino-style food.


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