• Build Their Social Media profiles and Branding
  • Raise awareness through SMM & PR.
  • Increase Business Opportunities
  • Increase Online Sales


  • Created Awareness on Multiple Platforms
  • Social Media Platforms Growth
  • Create News Partnerships
  • Google SEM increased by 30k
  • Sales Increased


Choc/ed was founded at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 as a chocolate strawberry gift business. At their height, they had 200 customers per week and partnerships with Pride, Mr. Lube, and talk show hosts.

Group 161-min


Choc/ed, with a brand new location, needed a new direction toward their marketing strategy to raise awareness about their business. Owner Elysha Varenbut was too busy making orders for customers and was looking for someone to take over her marketing." I was too busy and needed someone with a brand vision for my business to take over and create the content and awareness we needed," she said. She knew that the right social media & PR strategy could increase sales and get the word out. When Schmooze PR presented itself as an all-in-one marketing agency, Elysha was happy to build a digital brand with them.


With a new location, Choc/ed needed an update on its digital footprint. We first changed and updated their website to create a clean and enticing look. Google and other SEM strategies were developed to build a profile and bring awareness to specific keywords associated with the new brand. Social media platforms were then updated with new brand styles, photos, and videos to create a mesmerizing experience when potential customers visited their profiles. After the foundations were established, partnerships were formed, and PR inquiries were created. Then influencer campaigns and giveaways were executed to raise awareness and increase sales. Sales doubled in 3 months with an increase in clicks and orders.

Group 162-min

Viral Content

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Instagram Grew to 2k Followers in 3 Months
We created a multiple brand awareness strategy through influencer campaigns, Instagram reels, photography, and giveaways that boosted followers, clicks, and phone calls.

Increased Online Sales
Choc/ed was averaging 2k in sales per month before the Schmooze PR team jumped in. Within a few short months, the sales doubled to 4k-5k in sales per month.

Built Google Profile and Increased Website Clicks
We built a Google profile for Choc/ed's new location and accumulated reviews right off the bat to increase searches and viewership by 30k.

Created Partnerships with MTCC and Event Organizers

  • Pride reached out through a PR article on Daily Hive and promoted our Pride Box.
  • Mr. Lube reached out to Choc/ed due to constant viewership on Instagram to run a giveaway that brought massive attention to the business.
Group 164

“Leo joined the team as we grew and moved into our new space. He helped manage our Shopify online store and all our social media platforms. He helped get the word out about us, especially around the holidays like Mother's Day and Valentine's day. We discussed everything together, from new items to promotions and influencer campaigns. I felt like his team was part of my team, and we worked together cohesively to bring this business to new heights! After the pandemic ended, we saw a drop in sales, and I ultimately decided to close down the business. Leo and his team kept us rolling all the way to the end.”


Owner & Operator of Choc/ed

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