• Revamp Digital Marketing
  • Target a Younger Age Group
  • Increase SEM on Google
  • Increase Delivery Sales
  • Increase Wine & Cocktail Sales.


  • Increased Bar Sales
  • Social Media Platforms Growth
  • Successfully targeted business and younger crowd.
  • Google SEM increased by 100k


Hendriks Restaurant & Bar is a classic steakhouse with a modern twist. Located in the heart of the Financial District near the Eaton Centre their wood & brick accents compliment their vibrant cocktails and creative dishes.

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As a downtown restaurant, Hendriks Restaurant needed help to overhaul its marketing strategy by building itself into a brand and creating a digital footprint. Owner George Bozikis had never used social media before and didn't know where to start. "We had a PR company before, but they didn't get us and didn't build us beyond some mere posting and graphics," he said. He knew social media could change the game for his new restaurant, but he needed more. When Schmooze PR presented itself as an all-in-one marketing agency, George jumped at the chance to build a digital brand with them.


We took Hendrik's identity and created multiple marketing funnels to create more awareness. We created lifestyle content for all their social media platforms, targeting a much wider audience, like business groups and 25-34 age groups. This resulted in higher weekday sales, increased cocktail and wine sales, and a steady influx of customers throughout the day.

Through SEM, content, creation, and influencer marketing, we changed the brand messaging from old-school steakhouse to Toronto luxury ambiance in the forms of date night, thirsty Thursdays, and Saturday night out to great success.

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Viral Content

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Wine Sales Increased with A Pump On Wednesday
Wine sales increased throughout the week with a big boost on Wednesday, when they run a 50% wine promotion. Many business groups have decided it's a perfect promotion to impress their clientele.

Google Searches & Action increased by 100K
In 3 months Google searches and Actions raised by an average of 100k people with ads performing 63% higher.

Hendriks Crowd Got A Lot Younger
We targeted a younger age group through Influencer and targeted ads, increasing sales and a steady flow of new guests at 9 and 10 PM.

Created Partnerships with MTCC and Event Organizers

  • Facebook & Instagram followers have increased by 200%
  • Ads on Facebook have a click rate average of $0.18.
  • Hendriks's LinkedIn company page has risen to 1k followers in 5 months, with an average of 1k views and 150 searches per week.
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Leo took us through every step when building our social media, email, and advertising presence. He revamped our delivery systems and SEM through Google and several review sites. Since then, we have increased our wine and cocktail sales, and our crowds have become business during the day and younger at night, giving us an influx of customers from open till close.

We are much stronger on all social media platforms, and now I have detailed reports which give me the feedback and data I need to make the necessary changes.”


Owner & Operator of Hendriks

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