Passione Moda Cucina



  • Build Brand on Social Platforms
  • Target New Consumers in the 28-35 Year Age Range
  • Increase SEO on Google
  • Create Eye-Catching Content


  • Weekday Sales Increased
  • Social Media Platforms Growth
  • 50% of New Customers Were in the 28-35 Age Range.
  • Google SEO increased by 50K

Passione Moda Cucina

Passione Moda Cucina was a high-end Italian restaurant in Woodbridge focusing on healthy, delectable dishes curated with the season's ingredients. They were sold in 2021 after some hardship with COVID-19.

Group 198-min


Passione Moda Cucina needed someone to build its digital footprint as a fun, creative Italian restaurant on the outskirts of the GTA. Owner Dom knew this was not his forte and wanted to bring someone in to help build an eye-catching brand for the restaurant. "I'm an operator, not a marketing guy, and I didn't know what to do or how to bring awareness to our restaurant," he says. He knew that with the proper marketing, the restaurant and its food would speak for themselves. When Schmooze PR presented itself as an all-in-one marketing agency, Dom jumped at the chance to build a digital brand with them.


Passione Moda Cucina needed an entire brand built from the simplest assets like photography to an entirely new website. The chef brought a level of creativity and flavor that most other restaurants do not have, and we utilized that passion to create photos, videos, and stories. We decided that to get people to fall in love with the restaurant, they also need to fall in love with the chef. They both become their own brands working together to boost the presence and awareness of the restaurant. We then took what had the highest engagement and created ads on Facebook and Instagram—resulting in considerable increases in website clicks, searches, and Google SEO ratings.


Viral Content


Weekday Sales Increased by 25%
Due to our constant social media attention/campaigns, the weekday sales increased by 25%, with the Wednesdays and Thursdays drawing huge groups.

Google Searches & Action increased by 50K
In 3 months Google searches and Actions raised by an average of 50k people with ads performing 65% higher.

Targeted Successfully Younger Crowd
We targeted younger age groups in the area who wanted a
fun place to go out, a place to celebrate birthdays, and
young families looking for a place to host their christenings.

Facebook, & Instagram Grew by 250%

  • Facebook & Instagram followers have increased by 250% with an increase in engagement.
  • Ads on Facebook have a click rate average of $0.18.
  • The engagement average was 10-15%, high for a
    small restaurant.
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“We were ecstatic for Leo and his team to join and take over our digital marketing. Schmooze PR brought a clean and stylish look to our social media feeds that were engaging and mouth-watering. Leo would walk us through every step from influencer campaigns, to the photography shoots we would do. The buyers were also deeply impressed by the loyalty of our social media followers, as well as our customers. It was an absolute pleasure working with Leo.”


Co-Owner & Operator of Passione Moda Cucina

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