The Hungry moon



  • Build Their Social Media profiles and Branding
  • Raise awareness through SMM & PR.
  • Create Brand Assets
  • Raise awareness on Storefront.
  • Increase Sales


  • Created Awareness on Multiple Platforms
  • Social Media Platforms Growth
  • Google SEM increased by 50k
  • Sales Increased

The Hungry moon

The Hungry Moon was a restaurant and catering company specializing in Filipino & American Fusion dishes. They had their restaurant in Scarborough while the food truck operated across Toronto and the GTA.

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The Hungry Moon opened during the pandemic in 2020 as a food truck before moving into a storefront in 2021. They wanted to expand their social media presence and needed someone to help navigate the digital world. Owner Chris & Faye got some early PR, but the boost subsided, and they were struggling with marketing and creating awareness for themselves. "We had a few loyal customers, but we knew we had no social media presence," they said. They knew that social media & PR would help increase their sales and catering opportunities. When Schmooze PR presented itself as an all-in-one marketing agency, They jumped at the chance to build a digital brand with them


First, we had to create a digital brand identity for The Hungry Moon and raise awareness about their new storefront. This involved consulting on a new menu and creating brand assets that correlated to the menu (i.e., discounts, coupons, and pamphlets). We then created and executed a soft opening for media and influencers to promote the grand opening. In parallel, we updated the website, ran a social media posting campaign filled with photography and videography, and built both their delivery app storefronts and all SEM(Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor) platforms. By the second week of the grand opening, sales jumped by 200% and sustained until COVID lockdowns hit again.

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Viral Content

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Instagram Grew to 1.8k Followers in 5 Months
Social media profiles increased with constant engagement after creating and unveiling brand style through photography, videography, and website design.

Google Searches & Action increased by 50K
In 3 months of the grand opening Google searches and Actions raised by an average of 50k users.

Increase in Sales and Catering Events
Due to our marketing strategies and brand awareness, The Hungry Moon increased its weekly sales from 2k to 5k a week. Their customer retention rate was 20%.

Successful Grand Opening for New Storefront

  • Through multiple brand awareness strategies, we secured PR for the grand opening from Blogto, TasteToronto, Toronto Star, Narcity, Curiocity, and many others.
  • Soft launch influencer event of 20 influencers to promote the new storefront.
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“As soon as Leo joined, he fit well into our team and handled everything from our social media to our graphic design and website. He even connected us to event organizers like Vegandale, TO Food & Drink, and Night Market. We started off with some social media posts and a lackluster menu. When we started with Schmooze PR, things quickly changed to a much more professional level, creating graphics, a new menu, a booming social media, and so much PR from Toronto media that we could not imagine that we were the talk of the city! He helped us on every turn for our grand opening; without him, we would never have launched the way we did.”


Owner & Operator of The Hungry Moon

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